Present your data privacy preferences to any business. Instantly. And move on.


Create and send your data preferences to CCPA and GDPR compliant businesses.

Currently two regulatory jurisdictions, the State of California (CCPA) and the EU (GDPR), allow their residents to demand to know, AND to direct, how their personal data is used by businesses. We expect adoption of these directives, or other similar ones, in other jurisdictions. allows consumers to create and transmit their preferences to businesses in an easy, rapid and reusable fashion.

MyDataPrefs uses Intrepids, a new technology that enables business and individual consumers to store their data within encrypted, structured files that are stored only on their devices, PCs and cellphones. When they need it, they simply upload this data to businesses of their choice. No user data is ever stored on Intrep-id and related sites. Our family of services may retain parts of your interaction with us to provide you the services you want.

Use MyDataPrefs to:

  • Identify your data preferences
  • Embody these preferences in an Intrepid
  • Transmit these preferences to participating businesses instantly
  • Reuse, change, retransmit
  • Know if the business you selected has accepted your Preferences

MyDataPrefs assists you in doing all of the above but your data is never stored on our servers. Only you store the data on your device/s.





Common Problems in Managing Data Privacy Preferences

Consumer Facing

  • Consumers are largely unaware of their rights
  • Consumers do not know how to exercise them
  • Consumers do not have a mechanism to do so
  • Consumers do not have an independent feedback mechanism
  • As a result, consumers largely ignore exercising their data privacy rights

MyDataPrefs Process:

  • Visit
  • Select the relevant data privacy standard
  • Understand your options regarding your data
  • Encapsulate these preferences in an electronic form
  • Receive and store your Data Preferences intrepid on your device/s
  • When you wish to, you communicate your preferences to a business directly or through
  • If you use, you can review the status of your requests
  • The merchant communicates with you directly about your preferences
  • MyDataPrefs stores no other data

How it works

MyDataPrefs is a new service and we are educating and recruiting both users and merchants. MyDataPrefs is an application of Intrep-id (aka Intrepid) technology, a new way to empower consumers to manage their own data. Please visit the Intrepid website for more information and to review other useful applications for consumers. These are just starters. There will be many more.

Your MyDataPrefs Use Case

Creating a Data Preferences Intrepid

  • You can create a Data Preference Intrepid at, or a participating business.
  • Navigate to the appropriate data preference form.
  • Enter your preferences in the form shown.
  • When complete, simply click "Submit and Send Data Preference Intrepid"
  • Your Data preferences intrepid is sent to you. At a participating business, the business may also act upon the submitted data.
  • Name the Data Preference Intrepid as you please and save it in your Intrepids repository
  • Data saved at MyDataPrefs:
    • Your encrypted Email - used only for transaction validation
    • Your encrypted CellPhoneNumber - used only for transaction validation
    • Records of your data preference requests to businesses
    • or do not retain, share or otherwise make use of any other data you may have provided us. We don't use cookies.

Using a Data Preferences Intrepid

  • Visit MyDataPrefs and select businesses to whom you wish to send your data preferences.
  • Alternately, you may choose to navigate to a participating business directly.
  • Your request is transmitted securely to the business who responds to you in email when the request is completed.
  • All transactional user data is discarded when the request is submitted. Except as above.
  • Review your transactions to see acknowledgements of your requests

MyDataPrefs Fees

MyDataPrefs is free to consumers. Get Involved if you like the idea of being in control of your own data.

Its your data. Manage it the way you want.

Questions? E-Mail: customer-services at or call 512.478.3112.